Our Story

Miss Attire - brought to you by Natalie Joy.

The boutique started to take shape following a number of years designing, hand making a bespoke shoe collection and kids range. BlingBows Boutique started in 2016, our shoe collection, sparkle BlingBows can still be found on our site.

BlingBows boutique re branded to Miss Attire and since the start of the year the brand has gone from strength to strength providing new brands and designs which are at the forefront of tomorrows fashion.

Miss Attire provides unique fashion wear for all ages and every occasion. Our ranges take inspiration from the bloggers of today who are pushing our industry forward. 

We also promote bespoke fashion ranges from up and coming designers which sometime can include one of designs. 

Our mission is to disrupt the fashion industry...


We want to provide a boutique that caters for every occasion, our range will showcase our knowledge and passion for our brand and the industry.

Our goal is to drive our business forward and become a behemoth in the fashion world just like others before me, the big difference is that we are Miss Attire and we will be on our own level.  

We provide an affordable range of fashion items which you will or will not see in the high street. Our pieces are of the same high street quality but without the high price tags.